About Libby

Who is Libby de Leon?


Libby de Leon lives in Los Angeles and is too lazy to write a bio.  She originates from Washington D.C. but moved to LA to attend Loyola Marymount University.  In addition to being basic, Libby has produced for Funny Or Die and Fashion Police on E!. Check out Libby’s professional resume at libbydeleon.com.

How did you start @BasicBetchProblem?

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It all started when I accidentally put my beloved iPhone through the washing machine.  It did not survive.  Not knowing how to live a life without a cell phone, I started a blog.  It began as schlibby.com and I told personal stories about not knowing how to operate Microsoft Word and life as a CBS Page.  In late 2014, @BasicBetchProblem began as a place I could post photos I loved.  Thanks to reposts from hilarious accounts like @Betches and @GirlWithNoJob, basics started flocking to the page.  I decided to mix the two worlds and thus basicbetchproblem.com was born.

What is a Basic Betch Problem?

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It’s literally a combination of the term basic bitch, a lover of Starbucks PSLs and Northface jackets and betch, a sassy yet driven millennial looking to just figure life the fuck out.  I realized I was one when I described myself as the third Olsen Twin.  It’s poking fun at the problems so many of my friends have faced whether it’s being so single it hurts (so basic) or eating donuts when you have to be in a bathing suit the next day (is this even a problem?).

Feel free to reach out Libby@basicbetchproblem.com